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With the escalating cost of purchasing a house nowadays, not everyone is even able to find the money to move home just to gain a bit of extra space. There are far more expenses than just the price tag on the new home to take into account, the act of physically moving home is expensive and there will be lots of additional costs to consider. Nonetheless moving house isn't the only solution open to you if you find that your family is getting too large for your present property.

A fairly costly solution is to put a brick extension onto your house to gain that extra room, however you may not be able to get the necessary planning permission, and your property might not be suitable. If you've got a sizeable garage that you're not using presently, you might give some thought to doing a garage conversion. Possibly the perfect resolution is to do a loft conversion, which could add lots of value to your property and shouldn't need any planning permission.

Lately, for some of the reasons mentioned previously, loft conversions have become more popular. Prior to going down this path, you need to check that your property is in fact suitable for a loft conversion. Homes with roofs made with trusses aren't generally suitable. Many properties constructed before the seventies have sufficient headroom and are apt to be the most suitable for loft conversions.

To evaluate the scenario with your particular loft space and be sure it is suitable you will have to bring in a builder. The builder will give you an estimate for the work once he's determined that your loft is okay for converting. Speak to a few conversion specialists and obtain a few quotes so you have a general idea of the likely costs. Try to use your intuition instead of simply considering the cost when choosing who is best to carry out your loft conversion.

Loft conversions very rarely require the need for planning permission, therefore it is not likely that yours will. To find out if planning permission is likely to be needed, get hold of your local planning department.

While for homeowners, a loft conversion may be a sensible choice, it does require a significant financial commitment. It is extremely unlikely that a lot of householders will have that kind of money lying around, and so it could be necessary to get a second mortgage or take out a loan. As a general guide you may anticipate that a loft conversion will cost around the same as a decent size brick ground level extension and the probability is that you'll gain more extra space with a conversion while not increasing your property's footprint.

The design and style of your actual house will influence what sort of loft conversion you can have. There are different forms of loft conversions available in including: loft pods, mansard loft conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, dormer loft conversions, roof light conversions, velux loft conversions and roof lift loft conversions. Speak with the builder to determine which sort is the most appropriate for your property as well as which is going to be the most economical to suit your allowed budget.

Dormer Conversions

One of the most popular types of conversion at present is the dormer type, a concept which gives you affordability, yet delivers the maximum additional space. The dormer is a favorite alternative for property owners as it's both effective and nice-looking while offering almost everything which is likely to be required. With a dormer conversion it could even be possible to put in a balcony, meaning that you are creating additional outdoor space too. You will find there are various kinds of dormer conversions and among these are flat roofed dormers, shed dormers, hipped dormers and Velux dormers. Check with a specialist to figure out which would be the ideal solution for your specific home.

Velux Windows

Most definitely one of the most famous brands of roof windows, Velux, have now been around for over fifty years and they can be depended on to deliver loft windows which are both superior quality and efficient. These are designed to fit in line with the gradient of your roof and thus do not alter the look of the roof structure, nor do they in general need permission plus they are comparatively cheap to install. They let in a decent quantity of light and actually may even require blinds the summertime. If your loft space has got a decent amount of head space, a Velux conversion may be a great solution for your project, in particular if you're on a budget.

How Much Time Should it Take to Do?

The timescale for completing a standard conversion would be determined by four or five factors including the weather conditions, the amount of pre-planning that's done, the ability of the builders, the kind of conversion and the availability of components. As a rough guideline a rear dormer conversion carried out on a terraced home should take approximately four or five weeks, a hip to gable dormer on a semi-detached property ought to take around five or six weeks.

Once your loft conversion is finished, there are numerous uses to which you may put that added room. You might turn it into a den or playroom, a new downstairs bathroom or an extra bedroom or two. But naturally there's lots of applications to which a nicely built loft conversion can be put, limited merely by your inventiveness!

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