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Critical Positions of Topic Sentences in an Essay


A single controlling sentence in an essay that is used to express the main idea, the stance of the author, and the overview of the essay is called a ‘topic sentence’. It increases the quality of the essay by bringing all the statements and points together within the main thesis statement. The key role of the topic sentence in an essay is to harmonize the contents of the essay and to encapsulate the main idea which you are going to present in an essay. The topic sentence provides facts. The main function of the topic sentence is to control the flow of information in the essay which helps bring coherence to the document.


When you are writing an essay, you need to focus on how you are going to present the ideas. When I write my essay, I spend a significant amount of time thinking about the topic sentences for all the paragraphs in my paper as it helps me write a properly structured essay. You must keep in mind that a strong topic sentence provides clear and specific language. The main purpose is to inform the reader about the idea which is presented in the subsequent paragraph. Therefore, clarity in the topic sentence is important to make readers interested in what you have written.


For example, If you are writing an essay about the nutritional value of milk, then writing “milk is good for you” is a weak topic sentence because it does not provide a clear idea about health aspect of the nutrition you are going to discuss while” milk contains essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins which are important for growth and development for the body “ is a strong topic sentence that gives a clear idea about the content of  the essay and must be positioned in the start of the paragraph as it provides enough information to develop the main idea in the mind of readers. You can always ask, “can you write essay for me?” from professionals. 


Important features of the topic sentence

There are certain features of your topic sentences such as there must be brevity, precision, and clarity in your topic sentences.  There must be avoided to use vague terms in your topic sentence in an essay. In topic sentence facts should not be used and avoid to use the plain phrases like if you are writing an essay on importance of kindness in nursing then just writing ‘be polite; would not serve the purpose. However, a good topic sentence is that ‘Politeness is an important virtue for the nursing profession. Different types of the topic sentence


There are some different types of topic sentences. The topic sentence can be expressed in different ways and it does not need to have only one statement. Being a professional essay writer, I can tell from my extensive experience that writing an essay with properly positioned topic sentences improves the overall quality of the paper. Therefore, while writing, it is important to properly quote the topic sentences at the start of each paragraph. However, you can place the topic sentence in the middle or end of the paragraphs depending upon the content of the essay.


Following are different forms of topic sentences that can help you appropriately position the topic sentence in your essay based on the content and type of paper.  


Simple topic sentences

In this type of topic, the writer gives the general statement which is related to the rest of the paragraph in an essay. These topic sentences are usually positioned in the start of introductory paragraphs in an essay or a paper.


Command topic sentences

The command topic sentences are used for telling someone to tell something, these sentences usually start with imperative verbs and they are usually positioned at the end of the recommendation paragraphs. If you are having trouble writing your research paper, get in touch with an essay writer.


Question topic sentences

These types of sentences are different from the sentences that describe statements and give the command and express an exclamation. These topic sentences are usually important as they make the readers more curious. These are usually positioned in the start of the body paragraphs in which the writer explains the opposing views.  


Transitional topic sentences

The transitional topic sentences are more often in the middle or end of the paragraph of the essay. The main purpose of these topic sentences is to serve as a guide to you from the previous paragraph to the next paragraph. Each paragraph of an essay describes a single topic. It is important to present a clear transition between consecutive paragraphs to support the main thesis statement of the essay.


Compare and contrast topic sentences

These topic sentences are mainly used in compare and contrast essays or argumentative essays. These topic statements describe the information related to two sides of the argument and usually positioned at the end to quote the supporting arguments.


A good topic sentence is relevant to the main idea of the essay, and it must be connected with the thesis of the essay, it helps you to understand the purpose of your essay. These tips and tricks will help you write a good essay, however, if you are still confused, you can seek help from a professional essay writing service. This way you will not have to worry about getting an A grade in your essay paper.


To conclude, the topic sentence is like a thesis statement and it has the same position in the paragraph as the thesis statement in an essay. It is an integral part to organize an essay, each paragraph of an essay has a topic sentence. There are few more tricks that you can practice while writing different types of essays or papers. A literary essay usually contains persuasive topic sentences while scientific articles often have an informative topic sentence. The topic sentence can also show a critical position or concluding remark or they might also help provide a dominating idea which is usually the opening sentence of paragraphs.



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