Monday, March 30, 2020
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Rete di Aziende per l'industria 4.0
net4industry è una rete dicontratto che promuove i processi industriali tecnologici
The company has a modern 'database' in Microsoft Access that allows a modern production management, planning requirements and commitments, based on the delivery date requested by the customer, and the workload for each manufacturing facility. 
Processing times are recorded online and are managed electronically to the final balance of the contract. For each contract are scanned cards of processing times that show all the particular annotations made by staff, and allow, through the transcription of the number that characterizes the bubble of raw materials, the traceability of the material used in the manufacture of each product. 

In addition, a storage and search data system, shared with the parent company Icosystems allows you to enter, organize, and find the designs and projects by type, per customer per year, while also developing statistics and lists. 
In fact, the quality procedure of the company involves registration (serialization) of each product manufactured from specifications, to find the date of manufacture and the raw materials used in the event of the customer's request.
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