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The company DE.OL. Ltd. designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders design and mechanical components (such as valve assemblies integrated steel blocks out standard ...), with numerical control machines, welding robots, and electronic test benches. 

We create the final design in 2D and 3D CAD starting from a sketch, and build internally components with certified materials; we register finished products after testing for lot traceability and raw materials. 

We have a great capacity to work with the new 3-axis lathe Daewoo Puma 300 CML, which produce up to 300mm diameter and up to 1 m in length, and with BMP Supreme 350x4000 of bar passage 200. We produce even pieces up to 1m diameter and length over 6-8m with other CNC or traditional lathes that allow rotation speed up to 4000 rpm. We also have traditional drilling/milling machines, and a vertical CNC work center with 24 tools, suitable for the production of cylinders batches between 5 and 50 as number of pieces. 

The welding robot (Motoman XRC) and the use of automatic equipments for electronic tests, according to our quality control system, ensure the satisfaction of customers such as important manufacturers of agricultural, industrial and recycling machinery. 

Send us your designs in order to have an offer for high-pressure cylinders, and/or with hardened rod, with flanged or cartridge valves, or with proximity sensors or pressure switches: you will get expertise and saving. Our office is adjacent to the ICOSYSTEMS, whose warehouse is well stocked with SkyScan valves, gaskets Trellborg Sealing Solutions, and other hydraulic components of the most prestigious brands.

DE.OL. Ltd. was born from commercial and technical experience of partners and administrator of ICOSYSTEMS Ltd, company that manufactures hydraulic cylinders and power units since 1987. In ICOSYSTEMS were also produced several prototype electro-hydraulic systems and valve assemblies with solid cast iron and cartridge valves. Nowadays DE.OL. completes the range of services offered by ICOSYSTEMS, combining the technical and productive capacity of CNC machines with new principles of efficiency and quality in order to produce special hydraulic cylinders starting from customer's design.
Second shelf
Piston with sunken nut
CNC lathe D400xL3000
CNC lathe D500xL1000
Vertical machining center ISO40
Icosystems catalogue
The ICOSYSTEMS Ltd., is another company of the same family group, which operates mainly in the design and manufacture of cylinders and hydraulic power units for major industry sectors, with its many years of experience in the hydraulic field experience.
The company offers a specific know-how, enabling you to meet the most demanding quality requirements. Please refer to this catalogo for standard components.

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