Monday, March 30, 2020
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Rete di Aziende per l'industria 4.0
net4industry è una rete dicontratto che promuove i processi industriali tecnologici
our services
We support technically our customers for whom we design and build components and equipments according to specifications. We are also organized with qualified technical personnel available for planned technical interventions and extraordinary revisions. Our corporate structure is as follows:
Our TECHNICAL STAFF draws with 2D and 3D CAD software (AutoCAD and Inventor).
Our OPERATING STAFF has an innovative "cell manufacturing" with saws, CNC lathes, and welding robots, and a department with lathes, milling machines, grinding, lapping and hydraulic test benches to make and test the manufactured products.
Our COMMERCIAL STAFF, in constant contact with the market, is oriented to solving plant problems of the users, and suggest the best components available for assembly and testing of mechanical equipment to achieve.
Our ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF manages fiscally and accounting supplies and contracts for domestic and foreign customers.
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